Nov 2017





Basic Monitoring & Evaluation Course


We have more than 10 years experience of training 'beginners' in programme M&E work and transforming them into M&E assistants, officers, managers and coordinators. The basic course is designed to build the capacity of trainees to be proficient and professional in the performance of programme Monitoring and evaluation activities. 

The regular course is an intensive 5-day programme and covers the fundamental concepts and principles of M&E (Day 1), Situational Analysis methods and Goal setting (Day 2), Programme Planning (Day 3),  Monitoring Methods - includes Programme Review, Supervision and Data  (Day 4), Evaluation Methods - includes Writing Terms of Reference (TOR), evaluation types, cycle and framework and Report-writing (Day 5). This course may be delivered as a contract organisation-specific workshop to meet the M&E capacity needs of clients' staff. The trainees are tested for improvement of their M&E knowledge and reasoning at the end of the course.

Advanced Monitoring & Evaluation Course


This is a practical post-Basic M&E Course that combines learning with practice. It develops the capacity of trainees to confidently and independently plan, conduct and report on project monitoring and evaluation using a research approach. The trainees are directly supervised on the delivery of every stage of the M&E exercise which they design and conduct during the course and present a report at the end. They are also trained on the basics of computer skills essential for M&E such as MS EXCEL and EPI-INFO database applications.

In 5 days they cover Revision of M&E concepts and principles (Day 1), Preparation for an M&E Exercise (Day 2), Research /M&E Designs, Methods and Tools (Day 3), Fieldwork exercise and Data Processing using EPI-INFO and EXCEL (Day 4) and Data Synthesis, Report writing and Presentation (Day 5). Trainees' presentations are assessed at the end for their project logic and the quality and completeness of their M&E cycle.

Computer Statistical Database Course


This course builds the capacity of trainees in the development and use of statistical packages relevant for research and M&E at a moderate / expert level. These include, but not limited to, MS EXCEL, MS ACCESS, SPSS, STATA, EPI-INFO and Nvivo. However, the number of days and range of packages covered may vary with the specific needs of trainees or their organisations.

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