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The current framework of our specialist services evolved from the company settings of Factfinders Consultancy Services Ltd (UK). The services are delivered as an independent consultancy business of Dr. Osahon Jeremie I. Ogbeiwi as the executive consultant.

Dr. Ogbeiwi has extensive experience in professional training and public health, especially relating to leprosy and tuberculosis epidemiology, disease control, research and patient care. He specialises in intervention programme planning, operational and health systems research and M&E consultancy. Since 1986, He has worked for a wide range of governmental, non-governmental and multinational organisations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA.

His PhD thesis was based on qualitative research that explored the theoretical frameworks in the goal-setting practice of a health organisation in a developing country setting. He postulated a practice theory for participatory goal-setting and developed 'CBITT' and 'CBLT' models for formulating 'SMARTA' goal statements, applicable in and beyond the health sector.

Dr. Osahon Jeremie I. Ogbeiwi,

MBBS (Ibadan), MCommH (Liverpool), MA (Manchester), AFHEA & PhD (Bradford)

Executive Consultant

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Our History





Dr Ogbeiwi lectured medical students from the University of Calabar, Nigeria who attended their rural leprology posting at the Qua Iboe Church Leprosy Hospital in Ekpene Obom, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria in 1989 and 1990.

As National Coordinator for Nigeria of The Leprosy Mission from 1992 -1999, Dr. Ogbeiwi trained the managers of leprosy projects in 8 States of Nigeria during their annual planning meeting.

As Africa Regional Evaluation Coordinator of The Leprosy Mission International from 1999-2007, Dr. Ogbeiwi organised monitoring and evaluation training workshops in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Thailand and India for project managers working in Africa, South Asia and South-East Asia regions.

From 2009-2018, As Director and Executive Consultant of Factfinders Consultancy Services Ltd, UK, Dr. Ogbeiwi conducted both regular and contract M&E and programme management training workshops in the UK and Nigeria. He also executed many research and M&E consultancies during this period.

As a PhD student at the Faculty of Health Studies, University of Bradford, he was also a guest lecturer who taught topics in the Managing Change module for international MSc International Health students (2016/2017 session), including 'Evaluating and Sustaining Change' and 'Nigerian Health Care System'. He also taught the Health Promotion in Practice module for MPH students (2017/2018 session) including:

  • Working with Communities,
  • Planning health promotion interventions,
  • Implementation and Evaluation of Health Promotion programmes

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